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8th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable

10 September 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, host of the 8th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable (AMER8), with India as co-host, shall convene IEF energy ministers and heads of key international organisations to debate energy security in the age of change with a view to empower responsible growth in Asia and the world, on 10 September 2019, alongside the 24th World Energy Congress held from 9 to 12 September 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

AMER8 is structured in two plenary sessions that will focus ministerial dialogue on:

  1. The role of new technologies for a more competitive and productive world energy mix.
  2. Advancing inclusive access to secure, affordable, and sustainable energy services.

Plenary dialogue sessions will be informed by IEF Background documents developed in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group.

The welcome and opening session to inaugurate AMER8 proceedings will be open to media and press attendance. Ministerial dialogue sessions and the joint closing session to summarise key dialogue outcomes and consider the concluding statement by the host country will take place under the Chatham House rule.


With a view to deepen ministerial foresight on energy market security and the role of innovation to empower responsible growth, the United Arab Emirates takes over the baton from the Kingdom of Thailand that focused dialogue on global energy markets in transition to move from vision to action at the 7th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable (AMER7) held in Bangkok, Thailand on 1-3 November 2017. The key ministerial dialogue findings laid down in the concluding statement by the Government of Thailand informed ministerial dialogue at the 16th International Energy Forum Ministerial hosted by India on 10-12 April 2018 in New Delhi (IEF16). Together they gave new impetus to the energy dialogue by calling for a:

  1. Mutually supportive relationship between producers and consumers for the world to grow as a whole.
  2. Optimal use of the neutral platform of the IEF to build a global consensus on reliable and realistic transformations that all can afford, and
  3. Rational responses to the global energy challenges we face together, including
  4. Stepped up collective action to achieve shared goals (UN 2015).

Ministerial dialogue findings at AMER8 will help to inform the 17th Ministerial International Energy Forum in 2020. India, the co-host of AMER8, will seek to advance these dialogue outcomes when it convenes the 9th Asian Ministerial Roundtable (AMER9) in 2021 in New Delhi.

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