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Asian Oil Security - A Chatham House Workshop

16-17 January 2014


IEF Secretary General Aldo Flores chaired a session of the workshop on Asian Oil Security organised by Chatham House in Singapore on 16-17 January for discussions framed by Chatham House as follows:

“This project considers the problems for Asian oil security which would occur in the event of a major disruption of supplies of oil, and the means available to mitigate the effects of such a disruption. The project follows up the recommendation for better responses to oil shocks made in the Chatham House report Resources Futures, which recognises the need for specific measures to respond to local shortages in a way that mitigates the oil price volatility on the global market.

A study group was held in Singapore in January 2014 with the aim of providing key actors from the oil industry, relevant governments and think tanks in Asia and the Pacific with the opportunity to discuss how best to manage the implications of a serious disruption of oil supply to the region.”

The conclusions from the study group will feed into a final report to be published by Chatham House in May 2014.

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