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EIA Energy Conference

27 June 2017

Washington DC, USA

IEF Secretary General Dr Sun Xiansheng delivered a keynote speech on 27 June 2017 to an audience of more than 900 leaders from industry, government, and academia participating in the US EIA's 2017 Energy Conference in Washington DC. Participants also heard from US Secretary of Energy, Mr Rick Perry, and Ms Colette Honorable, Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission among other distinguished speakers.

Dr Sun’s keynote on Energy Data Transparency underlined the importance placed by IEF Ministers on the need for improved data transparency. Dr Sun also noted the unique cooperative nature of the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) co-ordinated by the IEF, which involves a partnership among eight International Organisations (APEC, Eurostat, GECF, IEA, IEF, OLADE, OPEC and UNSD), and cited the EIA as a model for other energy statistics agencies to aspire to.

Dr Sun also participated in a Q&A session led by Howard Gruenspecht, Acting Administrator and Deputy Administrator, US Energy Information Administration.

Dr Sun’s speaking notes are available for download below.

Key Links

You may also download presentations delivered during the Energy Data Transparency session referenced in Dr Sun’s remarks at the EIA website links below:

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