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IEF-GECF Workshop: JODI-Gas and Cooperation in Enhancing Global Gas Data Transparency

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24 April 2014

Doha, Qatar

At the invitation of GECF Secretary General, HE Seyed Mohammad Hossein Adeli, a team of IEF Energy Data Transparency professionals participated in a workshop organised jointly with the GECF. The "JODI-Gas and Cooperation in Enhancing Global Gas Data Transparency" workshop was opened by the GECF Secretary General, at the Forum's headquarters in Doha, Qatar. GECF secretariat staff and officials from GECF member countries joined the IEF team for discussions on the development of JODI-Gas in the lead-up to the planned launch of the JODI-Gas database during the upcoming IEF14 Ministerial in Moscow on 15-16 May 2014.  

The IEF-GECF workshop presented a timely opportunity for participants to review and deliberate upon the steps necessary to realise the successful implementation of JODI-Gas, the mechanics of completing the JODI-Gas questionnaire, and other technical issues including data validation, and participation assessment. Discussions also focused on integrating the efforts of the GECF and its member countries within the JODI framework so as to optimise their contribution to enhancing global gas data transparency.

In his keynote address, GECF Secretary General, Dr Adeli highlighted the Forum’s commitment to JODI-Gas and to the broader concept of data transparency. Dr Adeli also emphasized the importance of closer cooperation between the GECF and IEF.   

Ms Radia Sedaoui, GECF, Head of Statistics and Modelling gave a briefing on the GECF's data reporting mechanism and outlined their data-transparency efforts. Fuad Al-Zayer, IEF Coordinator, Energy Data Transparency (JODI) set the scene for the workshop by delivering a presentation on JODI's journey from its inception to the advent of JODI-Gas. Yuichiro Torikata, the IEF's JODI Energy Analyst then led technical discussions among officials from GECF member countries on topics relating to the JODI-Gas questionnaire, the JODI-Gas Manual and data quality assessment.

In addition to the formal workshop the IEF team met with GECF experts for a bilateral technical meeting to ascertain the potential of further leveraging the considerable in-house expertise of the GECF staff who are currently conducting a high level data quality assessment of JODI-Gas prior to its public launch.

This workshop between the GECF and IEF is a step toward the closer cooperation between the IEF and GECF called for in the 2010 Cancun Ministerial Declaration & in the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the IEF and GECF in 2010 that references the need to "Develop a cooperative relationship between the GECF and the IEF in relation to the improvement of gas market data transparency".

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