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IEF Lecture: BP Energy Outlook 2018

13 March 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr Sun Xiansheng, IEF Secretary General took great pleasure in hosting Mr Mark Finley, General Manager, Global Energy Markets and US Economics, BP, to present the BP Energy Outlook 2018 at IEF Headquarters in Riyadh on Tuesday, 13 March 2018.

Informed by BP’s Statistical Review of Global Energy, the BP Energy Outlook 2018 provides high-quality data and well-informed assessments on world energy market developments. As the global energy landscape is changing, the outlook outlines BP's views of future global energy markets through 2040 and explores key uncertainties. This year’s presentation informed a distinguished audience of diplomats, industry representatives and academic researchers on the growing role of developing economies in energy consumption, continued energy efficiency gains, and the increasing share of unconventional production, as well as non-fossil fuels in global energy supply. Providing perspectives from one of the key players in the energy industry on global energy transformations, the presentation Mr Mark Finley gave upon the invitation of Dr Sun Xiansheng on the IEF platform advanced open, transparent and informed energy dialogue among IEF stakeholders.