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InterEnerStat Meeting

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14-15 September 2015

Paris, France

The IEF’s data transparency team participated in the InterEnerStat meeting held at the IEA Headquarters from 14-15 September 2015. With participation of statistical officers and senior experts representing top International Organisations the meeting focussed on cooperation in regard to data collection and harmonisation of data definitions. As a successful model of multilateral cooperation among key International Organisations involved in energy data collection, JODI has inspired key stakeholders to further enhance comparability of their energy data through adoption of the InterEnerStat framework.

Since 2005, organisations participating in InterEnerStat have successfully negotiated harmonised energy products and value chain definitions, which have been endorsed by the United Nations Statistical Commission as a part of the International Recommendation for Energy Statistics (IRES). Welcoming this successful step toward improvement of energy data comparability, the IEF highlighted the importance placed by JODI partner organisations on the capacity building workshops which are one of the key pillars of the Initiative. Reflecting on the successful implementation of a modularized training system developed with its JODI partners, the IEF noted that this collaborative approach facilitated the delivery of comprehensive training sessions without necessitating the participation of all partners on every occasion. It further emphasized the potential benefits of such cooperation among International Organisations on capacity building efforts which otherwise may run the risk of overlap or duplication of effort.

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