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Meeting with Latin American Ambassadors in London

26 February 2014

London, United Kingdom

Secretary General Aldo Flores-Quiroga met with ambassadors from Latin America accredited in the United Kingdom to exchange points of view on the role of Latin America in international energy markets. Hosted by the ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gómez Pickering, the meeting provided a special opportunity to discuss how Latin American governments can contribute to strengthen global energy security through their active engagement in the producer-consumer dialogue and JODI. As the Secretary General observed, "Latin America’s abundant energy resources are a fundamental component of the global energy mix and its policies are of considerable importance to the interdependent energy world. To the extent that Latin America joins forces with the rest of the region to promote energy market data transparency, it will promote as well global energy market stability and sustainability. And Latin America’s experiences on a range of subjects, including the deployment of renewable energies, the reduction of energy poverty, and the use of fossil fuels can provide valuable insights from which other regions can learn."