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XI International Scientific Conference – ENERGETIKA XXI: economy, policy, ecology

14-16 November 2018

St. Petersburg, Russia

Mr. Aurangzeb Qureshi represented the International Energy Forum at the XI International Scientific Conference – ENERGETIKA XXI: economy, policy, ecology hosted by the St. Petersburg State University of Economics on 14-16 November 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference was founded in 2007 as an initiative of Gazprom to address recent developments in the energy sector on a global basis and with a special focus on Russia. Leading energy experts from government, academia and industry participated over three days through presentation and dialogue. This year’s theme was entitled: ‘’The Need for Energy Dialogue in a Fast Changing Environment’’

Presentations focused on topics of decarbonization and emissions reduction along with the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. Energy developments from a macro-level viewpoint from the role of natural gas to the evolving nature of energy security and sustainable energy transition were discussed at length through interactive presentations and intelligent questions and answer sessions. The pace of the energy transition was a relevant and timely discussion point that contributed to insightful dialogue. Presentations on topics involving EU-Russia dynamics, the role of infrastructure and climate and decarbonization were held concurrently in parallel work streams.

The conference also held interactive discussion under Chatham House Rule on the possibility of an all-electric and renewable world and the new geopolitics of energy featuring speakers from academia, research organizations and governmental departments. The role of electrification was put forward given falling costs and exponential growth of renewable technology. However, the concentration of raw materials and possibility of a technology plateau provides a role for hydrogen and other fuels as a possible complement to renewables. From a geopolitical perspective, discussants examined the intersection of geopolitics and energy and how energy influences the foreign policies of the U.S., Russia and the European Union.

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