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IEF and GECF Heads Expand Cooperation

Doha, Qatar - 04 October 2020: The International Energy Forum (IEF) and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) conducted the first virtual meeting between new IEF Secretary General HE Joseph McMonigle and HE Yury Sentyurin to review ongoing and future cooperation.

The GECF and IEF have had a close relationship dating back to 2010 and cemented further in 2011 with the MoU, focused on exchange of data and market research, as well as joint high-level activities and events.

In the area of high-level activities, HE Yury Sentyurin participated in the 16th IEF Ministerial Meeting, held under the auspices of HE Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India in New Delhi in 2018. The GECF leadership also attended the 7th and 8th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtables in 2017 and 2019, respectively, which typically gather both IEF and GECF Energy Ministers, heads of the major international organisations and expert community.

On reciprocal basis, the IEF leadership attended some of the major GECF events, including the 4th and 5th GECF Summits. Further, at the launch ceremony of the GECF Global Gas Outlook in 2019, the organisation was awarded with a 'Friend of the GECF' token, marking yet another milestone in the relations between the Forums.

During the meeting, HE McMonigle invited Secretary General Sentyurin to attend the next IEF Ministerial Meeting scheduled to take place in 2021. Furthermore, the upcoming 7th IEF – IGU Ministerial Gas Forum, hosted by Malaysia on 3 December in 2020, represents another significant opportunity for mutual engagement in a virtual setting.

In turn, HE Sentyurin invited HE McMonigle to be a keynote speaker at the signature GECF Monthly Gas Lecture Series. These lectures feature policymakers and experts who share their knowledge and insights on contemporary issues related to the gas industry and its interconnected influencers of geopolitics and economy.

Both IEF and GECF officials discussed their respective participation in the recently held G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting and exchanged views on the importance of the stability of energy markets in the economy recovery from the pandemic.

With the annual GECF Global Gas Outlook attracting the attention on a global scale, the heads of both organisations also discussed the growing presence of the GECF at the IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposiums on Energy Outlooks, where the GECF successfully added value at the 9th and 10th editions in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Secretary General Sentyurin said: "We are looking to ramp up our participation in the IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposiums on Energy Outlooks. This is an area where the GECF is ready to demonstrate our hallmark capability of energy forecasts and become a full-fledged partner organisation."

His Excellency Joseph McMonigle said: "The GECF actively participates in the Joint Organisations Data Initiative and the IEF energy dialogue at ministerial and senior expert level meetings, including in the context of the trilateral programme of work with the International Energy Agency and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries."

Data and statistics are another hallmark of the GECF and both HE McMonigle and HE Sentyurin reiterated their shared belief in the importance of data to inform scientifically grounded analyses. The Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) - a data transparency and exchange programme, coordinated by the IEF and extensively supported by the GECF - occupies a special place within this information-driven dialogue. Among other participants of the Initiative are Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), the International Energy Agency (IEA), Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE), OPEC, and UN Statistics Division (UNSD).

The GECF became the only gas organisation to join JODI-Gas in 2014 when it became an official partner of the programme. Secretary General Sentyurin highlighted the GECF’s engagement at the 6th Meeting of Heads of JODI in 2018 and JODI Inter-Secretariat Meeting, as well as other JODI and JODI-Gas events, as a showcase of the GECF’s commitment to this important programme.

Secretary General Sentyurin noted: "I am proud of our association with the IEF and would like to reiterate our intention to continue supporting the IEF and the JODI initiative into the future for the benefit of our respective stakeholders."

His Excellency Joseph McMonigle added: "I look forward to expand our engagement into new areas and strengthen our collaboration during my Secretariat"

The GECF regularly organises JODI training sessions for its members, in addition to presenting speaking opportunities to IEF officials in its thought leaders’ meetings. To promote the initiative furthermore, an invite to jointly organise a JODI-Gas Information Session for the MENA region on the sidelines of the 6th GECF Gas Summit of Heads of State and Government, to be held in Qatar in 2021, was extended and welcomed.




About the GECF

Gas Exporting Countries Forum is an international governmental organisation of 20 Member Countries – Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Angola, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Peru, and the United Arab Emirates, which jointly control 72% of the proven gas reserves, 46% of its marketed production, 55% of pipeline, and 61% of LNG exports across the globe. It is headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

Being a foremost energy association, officially established in 2008, the GECF has recorded notable milestones in its evolution and remains committed to supporting its Member Countries in the pursuit of global energy security and meeting the world’s growing energy demand, while proving to be reliable suppliers of natural gas – a prominent contributor in the global pursuit towards net-zero emissions energy systems and attainment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Forum provides granular, scientifically based insights into the state of natural gas based on the diverse variety of the instruments and deliverables such as the GECF Global Gas Model – now with elements of artificial intelligence and digital technologies, Global Gas Outlook 2050, Annual Short Term Gas Market Report, Monthly Gas Market Report, Special Envoys on Data and Statistics, Data Exchange Mechanism, the Short-, Medium and Long Term Gas Market Reviews, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Statistical Bulletins.

GECF increasingly engages with UN agencies, the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable growth, ASEAN, EEC, OPEC, OAPEC, APPO, IEF, IEA, IRENA, OLADE, IGU, other peers, and regional entities, as well as maintains strategic multifaceted dialogue amongst natural gas producers and consumers.

For more information visit www.gecf.org

About the IEF

The IEF is the neutral facilitator of informal, open, informed and continuing global energy dialogue. Covering all  six  continents  and accounting for around 90% of global supply and demand for oil and gas, the IEF is unique in that its seventy member countries comprise not only countries of the IEA and OPEC, but also key players including China, India, Russia and South Africa. The Forum’s biennial Ministerial Meetings are the world’s largest gathering of Energy Ministers. Through the Forum and its associated events, IEF Ministers, their officials, energy industry executives, and other experts engage in a dialogue of increasing importance to global energy security. The IEF and the global energy dialogue are promoted by a permanent Secretariat of international staff based in the Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

For more information visit www.ief.org

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