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APEC-ASEAN Joint Workshop on Energy Statistics

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10-12 March 2014

Tokyo, Japan

The APEC/ASEAN Joint Workshop on Energy Statistics was hosted by APEC with the participation of its ASEAN member countries from 10-12 March 2014. 

The IEF took part in the Workshop and moderated the session entitled “International Organisations - Issues & Challenges on Energy Data”, which featured discussants from APEC, GECF, IEA, IRENA, OPEC, OLADE, and the UNSD.  

A common viewpoint expressed by the international organisations involved in data collection and dissemination is that the task is a challenging one, the success of which is dependent not only on on-going political commitment at the highest level, but also on the provision of adequate resources for statistics work.

The Joint Organisations Data Initiative has served to raise the level of visibility of energy statisticians and has notably improved global appreciation of the importance of their work. However, numerous national statistical divisions around the globe still lack sufficient funding, which has a direct and material impact on the availability and quality of data necessary to deliver the energy data transparency regularly called for by Ministers and numerous other stakeholders.