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Global Dialogue
The IEF has a unique global platform and a broad mandate to examine key energy issues as energy security, market stability, sustainability, new technologies, energy transitions and data transparency.

IEF: The Global Home of Energy Dialogue

With over 70 member countries, the IEF is truly the global home of energy dialogue.

The Forum's biennial Ministerial Meetings are the world's largest gathering of Energy Ministers. The magnitude and diversity of this engagement is a testament to the position of the IEF as a neutral facilitator and honest broker of solutions in the common interest. The IEF16 Ministerial was held in 2018 in New Delhi.

In addition to its unique global platform, the IEF has a broad mandate to examine all energy issues including oil and gas, clean and renewable energy, sustainability, energy transitions and new technologies, and data transparency as well as providing focus to the critical issue of energy poverty.

The IEF is the only organization with global representation addressing energy policy, market, and technology trends through the perspective of both oil and gas producers and energy consumers. Only the IEF brings together members from such a diverse range of countries, and as a result, is more likely to deliver the type of intelligence and engagement that adds value to member countries and dialogue.

As the energy market's focus shifts, the IEF is uniquely positioned to facilitate energy dialogue among countries and between regions. The IEF’s position will advance the goal of obtaining a better understanding of global energy dynamics and, in turn, help promote energy security, and orderly energy sector transformations.

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