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Here are all the current career vacancies at the IEF.

  • Energy Analyst, Energy Dialogue Division

    The Energy Dialogue division leads the IEF's programs and activities in furtherance of the organization's mission to enhance energy dialogue on a broad range of energy issues. As an Energy Analyst, you will be responsible for research and analysis on specific set energy topics and providing support to the Energy Dialogue division's programs and activities with emphasis on IEF events, including preparation and implementation.

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  • Program Manager, International and External Affairs Division

    The International and External Affairs division leads all external affairs of the IEF including with Governments and Member Countries, Executive Board, other international organizations, private sector and other key stakeholders. As Program Manager, you will provide administrative and other relevant support to the Head of International Relations with IEF programs and activities with emphasis on IEF events, including preparation, implementation and operations.

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  • IEF Secondments Program – Connect, Contribute, Grow

    Staff on loan are professionals assigned and loaned by public or private organizations to work at the IEF Secretariat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Staff on loan professionals remain employed by their current employer but are fully integrated an IEF staff members, participating in official meetings, mission travel and interacting with member government and industry officials from around the world. The secondments program is particularly beneficial as leadership training for executives or key personnel within companies or organizations providing valuable experience with international affairs and energy sector issues.

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IEF is a member of the Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations (AHRMIO) that is dedicated to furthering the management of people in not-for-profit international organizations in the governmental and non-governmental sectors. See link for AHRMIO website including available job listings at IEF and other international organizations.

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