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JODI Inter-Secretariat Meeting - March 2019

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26-27 March 2019

Vienna, Austria

The IEF chaired an Inter Secretariat Meeting of JODI partner organisations among APEC, GECF, IEAIEF,  and OPEC in Vienna on 26-27 March 2018. 

The meeting, hosted by OPEC at their Headquarters in Vienna, followed up on the progress on the various items per the 2015-2020 JODI Action Plan and the guidance from the JODI Heads & IEF Ministers.

The meeting further reviewed the following:

  • Participation Assessment of the JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas World Databases and steps taken by the JODI Partners to improve quality of the data they are collecting and submitting to the JODI Database;
  • Development and analysis on JODI data users on industry Platforms where JODI data began to appear since October 2017;
  • Progression on the development of an Energy Data Transparency Portal as a part of the JODI Website to feature available coal data and data beyond current JODI (Oil and Gas) framework gathered by JODI Partners;
  • The plan to get more granular LNG trade data to meet increasing demand for such data under the JODI framework;
  • The plan for capacity building Workshops & JODI Seminars during 2019;
  • The next steps to develop the new 5-year JODI plan covering 2020-2025;
  • The plans to hold a JODI Conference late 2019 or early 2020.

Partners reviewed the outline of the JODI Training Workshop for Sub Sahara Africa in April-May 2019, and took note of the plans to hold an APEC- JODI Workshop for Asia Region in Tokyo on June 2019, and the plan to hold a JODI User Seminar as part of the Japan Workshop for Tokyo based energy data users. Partners agreed to proceed on the organisations of a JODI Conference during 4th quarter of 2019 or early 2020.

Partners also took note of progress made on planning for a JODI Information Seminar on the sidelines of  the GECF Summit in Equatorial Guinea on November 2019. The seminar is expected to benefit from large attendance of key policy makers who are attending the GECF Summit.

Energy research and data analytic company OilX presented to the JODI partners their business model which is characterised by the use of cutting-edge data sources such as satellite imaging combined with official data to provide real time data to energy analysts to support more accurate decision making. Furthermore, In the backdrop of increasing attention to digitalisation of the energy industry and policy implication, JODI partners and OilX discussed area of possible future cooperation. 

The meeting concluded that JODI Partners will continue to enhance global energy data transparency through actions identified in the 5-Year JODI Action Plan to begin developing the new JODI Plan that is due to cover 2020-2025.