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Meeting of Heads of JODI Partner Organisations

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14 May 2014

Moscow, Russia

A Meeting of Heads of the JODI Partner Organisations was held on 14 May ahead of the 14th International Energy Forum Ministerial meeting (IEF14), wherein representatives from seven JODI Partners reviewed progress made on developing and strengthening the Initiative since the IEF13 in Kuwait, and discussed potential avenues for shared progress over the next two years. Among the numerous points discussed was the possible expansion of the JODI database to cover other energy sources and alternatives for enhancing the visibility of and access to JODI data.

The Heads of the JODI Partner organisations present expressed appreciation for the progress made by their teams and other JODI stakeholders over the last two years in making JODI-Gas a reality. They also noted that the public launch of the JODI-Gas World Database provided Ministers with a clear example of the potential for successful cooperation among International Organisations in contributing to energy data transparency.