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Third World Energy Policy Summit

5-6 December 2013

New Delhi, India

The World Energy Policy Summit (WEPS) is an annual international conference to encourage discussion, debate, and direction. It seeks to bring together diverse views on various issues and developments that influence shaping policy by governments, companies and other entities pertaining to various sources of energy. WEPS emphasizes that we live in an inter-dependent world that demands better complementarity and compatibility between policies of various entities and societies around the world. WEPS aims to play a key and dynamic role in that development.

The over-arching theme for this year’s conference was "Energy Growth, Partnership and Governance”, a theme very much at the heart of IEF core interest. Secretary General, Aldo Flores delivered a special address in the opening session of the programme. Dr Flores also participated in two “Big Debate” panels addressing “Energy Geopolitics and Geo Economics : Building Interdependence in the Age of Unprecedented Volatility” and “Future of Fossil Fuels, Green Energy and Climate Change”. 

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