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Previous IEF Ministerials

A Brief Chronology

From its humble beginnings in Paris in 1991 the global producer - consumer dialogue on energy has developed through the International Energy Forum (IEF) so that it is now the world's largest gathering of Energy Ministers. The 72 Member Countries of the Forum cover all six continents and account for almost 90% of global supply and demand for oil and gas. The IEF is unique in that it comprises not only consuming and producing countries of the IEA and OPEC, but also Transit States and major players outside of their memberships, including Argentina, China, India, Mexico, Oman, Russia and South Africa. Sitting alongside other important developed and developing economies on the 31 strong IEF Executive Board these key nations are active supporters of the global energy dialogue through the IEF. The magnitude and diversity of this engagement is a testament to the IEF’s position as a neutral facilitator. Through the Forum and its associated events, IEF Ministers, their officials, energy industry executives, and other experts engage in a dialogue of increasing importance to global energy security.

IEF 15

15th International Energy Forum

Location : Algiers

Host : Algeria
Co-Host : Kazakhstan


IEF 14

14th International Energy Forum

Location : Moscow

Host : Russia
Co-Host : Iraq


IEF 13

13th International Energy Forum
& 5th International Energy Business Forum

Location : Kuwait City

Host : Kuwait
Co-Host : Algeria & Netherlands


IEF 12

12th International Energy Forum
& 4th International Energy Business Forum

Location : Cancun

Host : Mexico
Co-Host : Germany & Kuwait


IEF 11

11th International Energy Forum
& 3rd International Energy Business Forum

Location : Rome

Host : Italy
Co-Host : India & Mexico


IEF 10

10th International Energy Forum
& 2nd International Energy Business Forum

Location : Doha

Host : Qatar
Co-Host : China & Italy



9th International Energy Forum
& 1st International Energy Business Forum

Location : Amsterdam

Host : Netherlands
Co-Host : Iran & Norway

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Participation : 63 countries and 11 international organisations

For the first time in the twelve year history of the global consumer-producer dialogue a back to back meeting with the industry - the IEBF - was organised. Its purpose was to enable ministers and representatives of international organisations to discuss certain key elements of the IEF agenda with CEOs of leading international energy companies. The IEBF - chaired by Peter Sutherland, Chairman of British Petroleum Plc and of Goldman Sachs International - preceded the opening session of the IEF and took place in the morning of 22 May 2004 at the same venue.

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8th International Energy Forum

Location : Osaka

Host : Japan
Co-Host : Italy & UAE

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Participation : 64 countries and 9 international organisations


  • World Energy Situation and Outlook
  • Facilitating Investment in Energy Sector
  • Interaction among Energy Security, Environmental Issues and Economic Growth
  • The Way Forward of the IEF in Addressing International Energy Issues

During the following IEF in Osaka, Japan in 2002, Saudi Arabia presented the Mission and General Framework for the IEF Secretariat. This document elaborated on three principles for the Secretariat. Firstly, it should foster the concept of mutuality of interests by presenting the opportunity and creating the atmosphere for dialogue among oil and gas producing and consuming countries, as well as dialogue between governments and energy related industries. Secondly, the Secretariat should provide a platform for the promotion of study and the exchange of views on the relationship between energy, technology, environment and economic growth. Thirdly, it should promote stable and transparent energy markets for the health of the world economy, security of supply and demand, and the expansion of global trade in energy resources.

The Mission and General Framework of the IEF Secretariat was accepted in Osaka by all attending countries as a starting-point for its establishment, and the Forum officially announced that a Secretariat would be set up. In order to execute this important announcement an Executive Board was formed to govern the actual founding of the IEFS.

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7th International Energy Forum

Location : Riyadh

Host : Saudi Arabia
Co-Host : Japan & Netherlands

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Participation : 47 countries and 9 international organisations


  • Prospects of World Energy
  • Energy, Sustainable Development and Technology
  • Restructuring the Industry and Market
  • Future Relations between Producer and Consumer Nations

In his welcoming address to the delegates attending the 7th International Energy Forum in Riyadh in 2000, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called for the establishment of a permanent secretariat for the IEF. The IEF Secretariat would work towards promoting a continuous dialogue between oil and gas producers and consumers. In his speech, the Crown Prince suggested that Saudi Arabia could host the proposed Secretariat.

The energy ministers and heads of delegations that participated in the 7th IEF welcomed the initiative. All the delegations acknowledged the desirability of a Secretariat that would provide significant opportunities for co-ordination and a preparatory structure to advance the producer-consumer dialogue.

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6th International Energy Forum

Location : Cape Town

Host : South Africa
Co-Host : Qatar & UK

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Participation : 41 countries and 5 international organisations


Demand for and Supply of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Petroleum Products for the Next Decade resource availability

  • optimization and adequate allocation of resources
  • investment requirements for the petroleum sector
  • sources of capital and innovative financing mechanisms
  • political and economic stability in countries and regions
  • the existence of secure legal frameworks for energy investment
  • equitable, clear and stable fiscal rules which take full account of the need to encourage long-term investment

Environmental Implications for the Petroleum Sector

  • the efficient use of hydrocarbon products
  • economic, financial and political implications

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5th International Energy Forum

Location : Goa

Host : India
Co-Host : Brazil & Norway

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Participation : 38 countries and 4 international organisations


  • Growing Energy Needs of Emerging Economies
  • Strategic Importance of Oil and Natural Gas
  • A Global Energy Policy Interrelationship

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4th International Energy Forum

Location : Puerto la Cruz

Host : Venezuela
Co-Host : EC & Russia

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Participation : 45 countries and 7 international organisations


  • World Energy Perspectives for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Technology and the Environment
  • Investment Requirements and Reintegration of the Oil and Gas Industries

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3rd International Energy Forum

Location : Cartagena

Host : Spain
Co-Host : Algeria & Mexico

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Participation : 30 countries and 4 international organisations


  • Energy and Environment
  • Outlook on the Oil Market and Other Energy Sources
  • Natural Gas in the Present and Future Energy context

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Ministerial Workshop

Location : Solstrand

Host : Norway
Co-Host : Egypt & Italy

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Participation : 22 countries and 4 international organisations


  • Global Energy Policy Interrelationship
  • Outlook Oil and Other Energy Sources
  • Common Energy Future

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Ministerial Seminar

Location : Paris

Host : France
Co-Host : Venezuela

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Participation : 25 countries and 9 international organisations


  • Analyse du marche petrolier et des politiques energetiques
  • Analysis of the Oil Market and Politics of Energy
  • Cooperation Industrielle
  • Industrial Cooperation
  • Fonctionnement des marches a terme
  • Spot Market Operations
  • La Protecton de l'environnement
  • Protection of the Environment

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