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Joint Organisations Data Initiative

The Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) is a concrete outcome of the producer-consumer energy dialogue. The initiative gathers data from around 100 countries on key oil supply and demand indicators, and from about 80 countries on key gas supply and demand indicators. The data, having first been submitted through JODI partner organisations is collated and disseminated through the JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas World Databases hosted by the IEF.

The importance of exchanging data as a means to enhance transparency of global energy commodity markets is recognised by IEF Energy Ministers as being beneficial to energy security and in the interest of producers and consumers alike.

The initiative relies on the combined efforts of producing and consuming countries and the eight JODI partner organisations to build the data provision architecture which is a prerequisite for the delivery of timely, comprehensive, and sustainable energy statistics necessary to underpin stable energy commodity markets.

By helping to mitigate some of the uncertainties that may be detrimental to market functionality, JODI aims to moderate undue price volatility, thereby increasing investor confidence and contributing to greater stability in energy markets worldwide. Visit for more information.