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13th International JODI Conference (IJC 13) and Exhibition

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10-11 October 2017

London, United Kingdom

The 13th International JODI conference was held in London, UK on 10 & 11 October 2017. The conference was generously hosted by the British Government and organised by the International Energy Forum in corporation with other JODI partners (APEC, Eurostat, GECF, IEA, OLADE, OPEC, and UNSD).

The Conference was opened by HE Richard Harrington, UK Minister for Energy and Industry for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy who emphasised the importance of JODI and for need for reliable, complete, and timely energy data to support decision making.

The conference convened more than 100 actors and stakeholders at various stages of the JODI data supply chain ranging from:

  • the energy companies that collect the source data
  • the national administrations responsible for JODI data reporting
  • the JODI Partners responsible for data collation
  • academia
  • data re-distribution agencies
  • the data users that monitor market trends and disseminate JODI data through their analyses and forecasts to a wider audience.
13th International JODI Conference (IJC 13) and Exhibition

Participants took note on the progress made on JODI since the last JODI conference (IJC 12) held in India in 2015, and gave insights and suggestions regarding data quality, data reporting mechanism, capacity building efforts, data-user engagement, JODI brand awareness, and enhanced engagement with other entities. 

Participants highlighted the need to continue to solidify knowledge sharing of good practices among the different stakeholders, and to strengthen interaction between data providers, JODI Partners, data users, academia, and analytical community. 

Participants stressed the need to continue improving the data availability and coverage in new regions, but without comprising the quality of JODI data while addressing challenges to provide sustainable, timely and complete monthly energy data. 

Participants saluted JODI Partners’ efforts to hold Capacity Business Workshops in key regions around the world as part of this effort, and the fact that JODI data can now be viewed from different major Data Re-Distribution Agencies (Argus, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters) in line with directions received from industry and leaders. They also appreciated that JODI visibility and accessibility will be greatly improved and extended per the recommendation from the IJC 12.

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