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2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference

22-23 May 2012

Doha, Qatar

After energy Ministers at the 13th IEF Ministerial in Kuwait called for the extension of JODI to cover natural gas, the 2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference was held in Doha, Qatar from the 22-23 May 2012.

During the conference participants from across the globe discussed the availability of gas data, the modalities of setting up a gas data transparency initiative, and practices employed in the collection of gas data at local, regional and international levels.

IEF Minsters had repeatedly called for the extension of JODI to other sources of energy between the 10th IEF Ministerial in 2006 and the 13th IEF Ministerial in 2012. The 2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference allowed the IEF and JODI to promote greater natural gas market transparency and agree on definitive actions to deliver a gas initiative based on the model developed for JODI-Oil. During the Doha meeting hosted by the government of Qatar the IEF and JODI partner Organisations benefitted from input, support and guidance from government statisticians, officials and experts from the gas industry, with the Gas Exporting Countries Forum also taking an active role.

If you would like to find out more about the event or download presentation materials please visit the event page on the JODI website.

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