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2nd LNG Producer-Consumer Conference

10 September 2013

Tokyo, Japan

Gathering producers and consumers of LNG from around the world, this event, now in its second year allowed a free-flowing exchange of views on the opportunities and challenges for the evolving global energy LNG market. Dr Flores took the opportunity to offer the IEF's global perspective to this predominantly Asian gathering, and also conveyed some of the key learnings from the event to IEF Ministers participating in the 5th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable which took place in Seoul Korea later in the same week. IEF Secretary General Aldo Flores was moderator of the session "New Procurement Behaviors by Consumers". This panel session highlighted the diversity of views held by different players in the market and the degree to which uncertainty presents challenges for both producers and consumers.

For more information visit the Official LNG Producer-Consumer Conference website