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Briefing by Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum JCCP

19 May 2012

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

IEF Secretary General, Aldo Flores received Mr. Junichi Kasuya and Mr. Yoshi Tanda (Planninng and Coordination Counselor and GM) of JCCP at IEF Headquarters to update them on IEF activities and to explore potential areas of mutual interest.

Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum (JCCP) was founded in November 1981 to promote technical cooperation and personnel exchanges with the oil-producing countries in the downstream sectors of the oil industry. Its major activities include programs to accept overseas technical and administrative staff for training, to dispatch Japanese experts abroad, to sponsor international conferences and seminars and to conduct studies and research. JCCP has established a long track record in these endeavours since its founding.