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Energy Institute IP Week - Are we heading for a golden age of gas?

19 February 2014

London, United Kingdom

The Energy Institute (EI)'s International Petroleum (IP) Week was held in London on 17-19 February 2014. 

The over-arching theme of this year’s programme was “Managing risk and maximising opportunities”. Experts from around the globe gathered in London to highlight the challenges facing the oil and gas industry as it seeks to invest into new territories and new technologies to respond to demand growth, whilst considering health, safety, environmental and geopolitical constraints and the need to find new talent.

IEF Secretary General Aldo Flores was invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation on Wednesday 19 February to participants gathered for a WPC Expert Workshop: Challenges and opportunities in global oil and gas finance. The conference, hosted by the UK Committee of the World Petroleum Council was convened to consider, among other things, the strategic outlook for growth of gas demand and its place in the future energy mix, the prospects for global spread of unconventional supplies and US LNG exports, as well as the decoupling of gas and oil prices.

Dr Flores’ keynote presentation "Producer-consumer cooperation in international gas markets: recent trends and prospects” was delivered under the session title “Are we heading for a golden age of gas?” The file is available for download below.