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IEF-GARP Global Energy Risk Forum Virtual Series IV: Enhancing Network Security and Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Virtual Event

The successful uptake of clean technologies and renewable power generation depends on investment in smart infrastructure to make energy systems more connected, flexible, efficient, and stable.

Infrastructure, and electricity sector networks will enable orderly energy transitions to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and enhance access to affordable energy services.

The introduction of new digital technologies, in combination with more distributed energy supply and demand sources, create new interfaces with "prosumers," at the grid edge.

This imposes new flexibility and inclusivity demands on network operators that must invest in reinforcing infrastructure as well as deploying new network interconnections.

Rehabilitating and replacing aging infrastructure with systems that are sufficiently agile to manage growing electrification rates and new transport requirements for hydrogen and carbon dioxide, requires multistakeholder-cooperation to reduce regulatory hurdles and accelerate permitting.

Reliance on digital technologies and off grid solutions create vast opportunities but raise cyber-security and grid stability concerns as well.

These call for greater optionality and more robust emergency response mechanisms to ensure networks and critical infrastructure continue to provide reliable and affordable services to all and can withstand extreme weather events.

The Fourth Virtual GARP-IEF Risk Forum explored how critical energy networks and infrastructure would adapt to rising climate demands and a more dynamic market environment while addressing longstanding energy equity and affordability issues as energy transitions accelerate.

Guest Speakers

  • Ed Morse

    Ed Morse
    Managing Director, Global Head of Commodity Research, Citi Group

  • Carmen Elena Cirnu

    Carmen Elena Cirnu
    Vice President Scientific Board, Head of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI), Bucharest

  • Michael Powell

    Michael Powell
    Vice President, Government Relations, Canadian Electricity Association

  • Dennis Hesseling

    Dennis Hesseling
    Head of Infrastructure, Gas & Retail, European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

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