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IEF-OLADE Joint Workshop for Heads of Statistical Offices

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29 Apr  - 1 May 2013

Quito, Ecuador

The IEF and OLADE joint Workshop for Heads of Statistical Offices took place at OLADE Headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, with the objective of reviewing and improving the JODI submissions of OLADE countries. The Workshop also served to promote better understanding of JODI data reporting practices among the OLADE member countries. 

The 3-day workshop was attended by delegates from more than 20 Latin America countries. In addition to the technical training and experience-sharing activities, participants committed to several action items designed to further improve regional submissions of JODI data:

  • The IEF remains committed to monitoring the quality of data submissions from the Latin American and Caribbean region and will regularly review their findings with OLADE and the countries concerned.
  • OLADE countries undertook to review (through OLADE) IEF recommendations for improvement and to take corrective action whenever possible.

OLADE is to establish a comprehensive methodology to ensure compatibility between the OLADE monthly hydrocarbon data questionnaire and the JODI questionnaires. In addition to the unexpected and inspiring “commitment pledge” signed by numerous OLADE member country statisticians, other concrete outcomes of the IEF-OLADE Workshop logged to date include the following:

  • Argentina started submitting JODI-Gas data
  • Nicaragua resumed its submission of JODI-Oil data
  • Suriname submitted JODI-Oil data for the first time ever, and started submitting JODI-Gas data