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JODI Information Seminar - Held as part of UNECE Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

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15 November 2018

Kiev, Ukraine

Dr. Sun Xiansheng inaugurated the JODI Information Seminar and Energy Data Exhibition held as part of the UNECE Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development in Kiev, Ukraine on 15 November 2018. The event was inaugurated along with Mr. Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE and a representative from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Ukraine.  JODI Partners including the GECF, IEA, OPEC, & UNSD and OAPEC, JODI’s newest member, attended the event alongside notable International organisations such as Energy Community and UN-ESCAP.

Government officials and industry experts engaged in an interactive session demonstrating JODI’s importance to sustainable development and energy transition. The Partners highlighted JODI’s collaborative framework among national administrations, JODI partners and data users as the key feature that makes JODI possible. Dr Sun emphasized the need for reliable data and reaffirmed IEF’s commitment to enhance global energy data transparency under the JODI framework, while Fuad AlZayer, Global Coordinator of Energy Data Transparency – JODI, showcased the history of JODI since its inception in 2000 and the different millstones.

Panelists viewed data transparency as paramount to a smooth energy transition and stronger collective efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG7 - “Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.

The event is in line with JODI 5-Year Action Plan which calls for “Raising awareness of the JODI platform and database and identifying and engaging champions for JODI.” By putting the JODI 5-Year Action Plan into practice, JODI Partners meet with stakeholders around the world to promote the need for:

  • Stronger commitment
  • Well-trained professionals
  • Stronger public engagement

Delegates from the JODI Partners organisations, International Organisations and Seminar attendees also deliberated on the way forward, how to overcome challenges in compiling JODI World Databases and communicate the benefit of JODI to national administrations.