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JODI Inter-Secretariat Meeting

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3 June 2013

Bali, Indonesia

The IEF chaired an inter-secretariat meeting of the JODI Partner organisations, hosted by APEC in Bali on 3 June ahead of the Third Gas Data Transparency Conference held in the same location on 4-5 June.  

At the inter-secretariat meeting, the JODI Partners discussed progress made in developing JODI’s data transparency capabilities - including a proposal to unify methodologies and improve the level of detail provided by the colour code assessments submitted by each organisation, and the potential involvement of the GECF in the initiative. However, the emphasis in this meeting was on finalising preparations for the upcoming Third Gas Data Transparency Conference.

At the inter-secretariat meeting, the JODI Partners defined the following list of pre-conditions for the launch of JODI-Gas for consideration and possible adoption during the course of the Third Gas Data Transparency Conference:

  • To have sustained coverage of approximately 80% of global gas supply and demand;
  • To allow for 6-12 months as a test period for the beta-version of the database;
  • To develop a standardised template and database structure;
  • To carry out a quality assessment before releasing the database to the public;
  • To publish a JODI-Gas Manual, as a user-guide and to facilitate understanding of the new Initiative;
  • To hold at least one JODI-Gas regional training workshop.