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Jodi Partners Iswg Paris Jan 2020

JODI Inter-Secretariat Meeting - January 2020

Paris, France

The IEF chaired an Inter-Secretariat Meeting of JODI partner organisations  among APEC, EUROSTAT, GECF, IEAIEF, OLADE, OPEC, and UNSD in Paris on 23-24 January 2020. 

The meeting, hosted by the IEA at their headquarters in Paris, followed up on the progress on the various items as per the 2015-2020 JODI Action Plan and the guidance obtained from IEF Ministers and the JODI Heads of Organisations.

The meeting further discussed the following items:

  • Participation assessment of the JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas World Databases and steps taken by the JODI Partners, and the respective data providers, to improve the quality of data collected and submitted to the JODI database;
  • Evaluation of JODI visibility on various platforms, including websites, and social media;
  • Deliberation on how to expand JODI engagement with academia, research institutions, and national administrations;
  • Sharing guidance received from the G20 on the importance of energy market transparency including improving inventory and stock data;
  • Planning for capacity building Workshops and JODI Seminars in 2020 to improve data gathering procedures and the involvement of policymakers;
  • Reviewing the outcomes for JODI events in 2019 that will form the basis for the next JODI Five-Year Plan along with the recommendations from the 14th International JODI Conference.

Energy research and data providers, Refinitiv, and Bloomberg, took part in the meeting and briefed JODI Partners on the availability of JODI data on their data redistribution platforms and discussed how this increases JODI visibility for users.

JODI Partners will continue to enhance JODI data by the development of the Energy Data Transparency Portal. The portal is planned for launch during 2020 and will feature data beyond oil and gas including available data for coal.

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