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Joint Organisations Data Initiative Inter-Secretariat Meeting

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13 March 2014

Tokyo, Japan

The IEF chaired the inter-secretariat meeting of JODI partner organisations hosted by APEC at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan in Tokyo on 13 March 2014. In addition to APEC and the IEF, representatives of JODI Partners IEA, GECF, Olade, OPEC and UNSD were present.

During the course of the meeting, the JODI Partners covered routine technical issues, with each organisation delivering progress reports on the participation of their member countries in both JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas. The IEF provided an update on the status of on-going work related to improvements to the JODI database and its associated website, as well as a proposal for the implementation of a “Seal of Approval” programme to enable countries earning three smiley faces to showcase their performance. The focus of the meeting then shifted to address the final steps ahead of the public launch of JODI-Gas at the 14th IEF Ministerial meeting in Moscow.

The IEF updated the JODI Partners on the latest discussions at the G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group related to energy data transparency, which included renewed interest in exploring the possibility of extending the JODI platform to coal. 

On the theme of statistician capacity building, the IEF briefed the JODI partners on progress made at the JODI regional training workshop held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October 2013 (attended by statistics professionals from the APEC/ASEAN region) and at the JODI regional training workshop held in Baku, Azerbaijan in February 2014 (attended by statistics professionals from the CIS/MENA region). The JODI Partners agreed to pursue plans to hold another JODI regional training workshop targeting Sub-Sahara Africa as well as a JODI-Oil Conference, both during the second half of 2014. 

With regard to the public launch of JODI-Gas, the partner organisations took stock of the progress made in achieving the various milestones identified during the 3rd Gas Data Transparency Conference in Indonesia, including the fact that OPEC was now submitting JODI-Gas data from some of its member countries. 

A highlight of the meeting was the confirmation received from the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), which was attending as an observer, that their intention was to become a full partner of JODI-Gas in the near future. The GECF also agreed to leverage its in-house resources and knowledge of natural gas data to assess the quality of the JODI-Gas database and to report back to the JODI Partners with any recommended guidance prior to the public launch. 

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