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Joint Organisations Data Initiative Inter-Secretariat Meeting - July 2014

7-8 July 2014

Paris, France

The IEF chaired an inter-secretariat meeting of the JODI partner organisations hosted by the IEA at its headquarters in Paris, France from 7-8 July 2014. In addition to IEA and the IEF, representatives of JODI Partners APEC, EurostatGECF, Olade, OPEC and the UNSD participated. This was the first meeting in several years in which all of the JODI Partners were present.

In line with standard practice, the first part of the two-day meeting covered technical issues, including the Partners' respective approaches to conversion factors, seeking consensus on an updated format for the presentation of metadata, and discussions regarding the implementation of the participation assessment for JODI-Gas

Each JODI Partner then presented progress reports on the participation of their respective member countries in both JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas.

The JODI Partners then discussed and debated a number of strategic initiatives, including proposals for the early release of selected JODI data points, ways in which the Partners and other stakeholders might enhance the visibility of JODI and more broadly gain support for energy data transparency, plans for the next JODI training (which will focus on sub-Saharan Africa and GECF member countries, and will be generously hosted by the GECF), and the focus and plan for the next JODI Conference, to be generously hosted by India in Delhi during the first quarter of 2015. 

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