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Second JODI Data-User Seminar

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3 February 2016

London, United Kingdom

The Second JODI Data-user Seminar took place in London on Wednesday 3 February 2016. The event, held at the Institute of Directors (IOD), was supported by the JODI Partner Organisations (APECEurostatGECFIEAIEFOLADEOPEC and UNSD). 

Participants included energy market analysts from oil and gas companies, commodity traders, financial institutions, trading firms, media, and independent consultants. 

Bloomberg was the Media Partner for the seminar and carried the event live via their Webinar network, thus extending the reach of the programme to additional “virtual” attendees.  (The recording of the event can still be accessed by registering and logging in on the Bloomberg platform.

The London event was the second in an ongoing JODI-user seminar series The first one was held in Geneva in June 2015.  The series was launched in response to recommendations arising from the meeting of Heads of JODI Partner Organisations in Moscow in May 2014, where ease of access to data and communication with stakeholders were recognised as being of key importance in satisfying the rising expectations for JODI. These sentiments were further echoed by participants in the last International JODI Conference held in New Delhi in April 2015. The conference also recommended strengthened interaction with JODI stake- holders and energy data users.

The London participants benefitted from the opportunity to hear from and exchange views with technical experts from JODI partner organisations in an interactive environment. Participants also put forward suggestions for improvements which included the provision of additional datapoints relating to oil storage, crude oil grade & type, etc.

For more information on the seminar and to view the presentation materials delivered on the day, please visit the event page on the JODI website.