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The Rise of Unconventional Gas - An IEF Thought Leaders Roundtable

15 June 2014

Dubai, UAE

The global energy conversation has experienced a shift in focus, driven to a large extent by the effects of advances in methods of extracting and producing oil and gas. The most visible and high-impact effect of these advances is the so called unconventionals revolution, as the expansion of gas supply from shale deposits is now called. With the advent of this incremental supply, many analysts expect to observe changes in the inter-regional structure of gas prices, the process of price formation, the direction of trade and the global energy mix. Some of these changes are already taking place, such as the increase in gas price divergence between Asia and North America (which has recently narrowed), the re-direction of Middle Eastern liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes originally destined for North America to Europe and Asia Pacific, and the displacement of North American coal to European markets.

In light of the potential implications of these developments and their inherent uncertainties, participants in the 15 June 2014 joint International Energy Forum - Korea Energy Economics Institute Roundtable were invited to engage in a discussion about how and to what degree the rise of unconventional gas may be impacting the strategies of gas importers and exporters, and what implications this game changer may have for global energy security. A Dialogue Insights report on the roundtable discussion will be forthcoming shortly.

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