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MIKTA Alliance Offers Promise for Enhanced Collaboration

With an ever-growing focus on regionalism, the emergence of unique partnerships geopolitically has brought new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. One such effort has been the informal MIKTA alliance of Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, and Australia. Four of the five nations are also Member Countries of the International Energy Forum (IEF).

Created in a 2013 meeting at Leaders' Week at the United Nations General Assembly, MIKTA is what some are calling a middle-power group of nations that seeks to influence and drive global dialogue, deepen bilateral ties, and advance cooperation among its five member countries.

Already, the group has met to discuss the future of natural gas production and distribution and how its members can better benefit from the organization's internal ties. The cross-regional group represents both natural gas export and import countries, and it has established a strong interest in supporting climate change reduction efforts.

In its Joint Communiqué following the Sixth MIKTA Foreign Ministers' Meeting in September 2015, MIKTA members issued a statement on climate change and agreed to work closely to ensure a successful outcome from the 21st Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Paris, in December 2015.

The last meeting of MIKTA foreign ministers, who generally meet two to three times a year, took place virtually in July 2020.The total population of the five countries is more than 500 million, and the five members generate about 10 percent of global trade. Korea is chairing MIKTA in 2020 21. Australia will take over the chair for 2021-22.

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