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14th Regional JODI Training Workshop for East European, Central Asian and MENA countries

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9-11 November 2016

Moscow, Russia

The 14th Regional JODI Training Workshop organised by the IEF with the support of other JODI Partners (APEC, GECF, IEA, OPEC, and UNSD) was held in Moscow from 9-11 November 2016. The workshop, hosted by the Institute for Energy and Finance of the Russian Federation, was for the benefit of statistical officers in charge of hydrocarbon data collection at national administrations from East European, Central Asian and MENA countries.

More than 35 delegates took part in the workshop which was designed to raise awareness and build better understanding of the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI), and to improve submissions from these key regions. Host country participation included delegates from the Ministry of Energy, Russian Energy Agency, and Federal State Statistics Service, ROSTAT.

The workshop took the form of hands-on training sessions which are a key element in the drive to encourage and facilitate experience-sharing among countries, and open exchange with the partner organisations that provides the feedback that is so important to the ongoing development of the Initiative.

In addition to the regular presentations made by experts from the JODI partner organisations, Dr H Ghanimi Fard, Head of Petroleum Studies Department of OPEC delivered a special presentation on OPEC’s use of JODI data in its market forecasting work. Delegates also had the opportunity to participate in a valuable session of the concurrent Exploration, Production, Processing 2016 conference "Scenarios, forecasts and statistics for global and regional energy development".

JODI Partners will follow-up on action items and commitments made by countries that participated in the workshop to help ensure ongoing improvement of the quality and timeliness of data JODI submissions from this key region.

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