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1st G20 Energy and Sustainability Working Group Meeting

Antalya, Turkey

The Turkish Presidency of the G20 hosted the 1st ESWG meeting in Antalya, from 24-25 February 2015. Discussions focussed on five key issues: access to energy for all, energy efficiency, market transparency, inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and renewable energy. Participants also exchanged views on the way forward for G20 Principles on Energy Collaboration and preparations for the G20 Energy Ministers' Meeting.

The IEFIOSCO, and the IEA were invited to deliver presentations to the ESWG regarding their ongoing activities relating to market transparency.

Members reiterated their support for work on market transparency and expressed interest in viewing and discussing the final report from IOSCO on the implementation of PRA Principles and their impact.

Members voiced strong support for the progress made by the JODI partners, making particular reference to the launch of JODI-Gas at the IEF14 Ministerial. They also called for partners to further improve and strengthen the Initiative, including through expansion of the number of participating countries and the extension of ongoing training and capacity building programmes. 

In regard to the suggestion by some members that JODI should be expanded to include more energy resources, others in the meeting expressed the view that the emphasis should remain on consolidating and strengthening the current coverage. The IEF made the point that the Initiative is based on voluntary contributions and that it would welcome G20 support to improve data returns and coverage. In this regard, the IEF was requested to send a questionnaire to specific to G20 member countries to canvass their views on the use and improvement of JODI. 

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