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3rd JODI-Data User Seminar

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11 June 2019

Tokyo, Japan

The JODI Data User Seminar was held in Tokyo on 11 June 2019 as a side event of the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth held under the G20 Presidency of Japan on 15-16 June in Karuizawa. The event was organised by the IEF with the support of GECF, IEA, OPEC, and UNSD and hosted by Asian Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) as a part of the Joint APEC-JODI Training Workshop on Oil and Gas Statistics.

The Seminar gathered JODI data users from Japan, Korea and Singapore, experts from JODI Partner Organisations and government officials from 15 economies. The wide range of stakeholders enabled an interactive discussion on the Joint Organisations Data Initiative. The framework of cooperation among JODI Partner Organisations, national administrations and data users continues to benefit global energy market data transparency.

The IEF presented on the history of JODI, a tangible outcome of the producer-consumer energy dialogue among IEF Ministers. The IEA explained the key features that differentiate JODI from other data sources and presented on how JODI data is collected and processed. OPEC and other senior experts from the private sector emphasised the value of JODI data in the market research they conduct. 

A roundtable discussion moderated by APERC was held on the “Potential for enhanced energy data market transparency through improved communication among data suppliers and users”. Here Delegates from JODI Partner Organisations, and seminar attendees shared perspectives on the way forward to overcome challenges they face in compiling JODI World Databases and enable the industry to reap the benefit from easily accessible, complete, and up to date JODI data.

To implement the JODI 5-Year Action Plan, JODI Partner Organisations will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders and users to deliver on key JODI goals that foster:

  • Stronger commitment
  • Better trained professionals
  • Greater public engagement

The side event of the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, reinforced JODI Partner Organisations work on strengthening energy security which, is one of the guiding principles for the transformation of energy systems, the advance of energy transitions and the support of sustainable growth through free, timely, and robust JODI data.