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G20 Ministers Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth

Karuizawa, Japan

The Secretary General of the International Energy Forum, Dr Sun Xiansheng participated in the G20 Ministers Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth that the G20 Presidency of Japan convened under the theme “Accelerating the Virtuous Cycle of Environmental Protection and Economic Growth by Innovation” on 15-16 June 2019 in Karuizawa, Japan.

For the first time, Energy and Environment Ministers from G20 countries, of which most are IEF members, gathered in joint sessions to address energy transitions and global environmental challenges. Ministers focused on Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, Environment plus Safety, while urgently addressing global issues and challenges ranging from climate change to energy access.

The producer-consumer dialogue that the IEF hosts serves as an accelerator for successful transformations along reliable pathways towards modern and sustainable solutions all can afford. Dr Sun Xiansheng contributed to the G20 Ministerial discussions by highlighting the urgent need to strengthen collaboration on new technology and innovation across the entire energy spectrum and to maintain a policy and regulatory environment that facilitates investment by enhancing market foresight and data transparency on the IEF platform.

G20 Ministers recognise that fossil fuels still play a major role in the energy transitions and acknowledge energy security as one of the guiding principles for the transformation of energy systems. They attach importance to promotion of dialogue between consumers and producers as well as global collaboration in the business sector, and the need to facilitate the proper conditions to continue and increase energy investments to ensure in sustainable, affordable, reliable, resilient and cleaner energy systems, the G20 communique noted.

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