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IEF GARP Checkup 2023

A 2023 Check Up On The Markets

IEF-GARP Global Energy Risk Virtual Forum Series

Thursday 26 January 2023, Virtual Event

As part of the ongoing series of Global Energy Risk Forum events, the International Energy Forum (IEF) and the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) convened a special virtual event entitled "2023 Check Up on the Markets" on Thursday January 26, 2023.

The webinar focused on the following questions:

  • Why this year may be even more volatile than 2022 as oil and gas markets confront a greater array and magnitude of risks
  • How an exceptionally warm start to the winter has kept a lid on natural gas prices, but supply and demand unknowns and future weather are hanging over the market
  • How recent bullish demand euphoria overlooks both economic and supply uncertainties
  • Why analyzing fundamentals without considering geopolitical conflicts ignores perhaps the largest potential driver of prices

The session's moderator was Dr. Edward L. Morse, Citi's Global Head of Commodity Research, and the panelists included Saad Rahim, Chief Economist at Trafigura, Hans van Cleef, Head of Energy and Climate Research at PZ Energy Research & Strategy, and Amrita Sen, Co-Founder and Director of Research at Energy Aspects.

Speakers and Moderators

  • Dr. Edward L. Morse

    Dr. Edward L. Morse
    Global Head of Commodity Research, Citi

  • Saad Rahim

    Saad Rahim
    Chief Economist, Trafigura

  • Hans van Cleef

    Hans van Cleef
    Head of Energy and Climate Research, PZ Energy Research

  • Amrita Sen

    Amrita Sen
    Co-Founder and Director, Research at Energy Aspects

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