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JODI Inter Secretariat Meeting

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3-4 October 2013

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The IEF chaired an inter-secretariat meeting of the JODI Partner organisations hosted at EUROSTAT headquarters in Luxembourg on 3-4 October 2013. In addition to Eurostat and the IEF, the meeting featured the participation of representatives from APEC, the IEA, OLADE, OPEC, and the UNSD.

As is customary at inter-secretariat meetings, the JODI Partners each reported on the participation of their respective member countries in JODI-Oil, as well as on the level of progress achieved in the collection of monthly JODI-Gas data. The IEF presented a status report on its ongoing programme of improvements to the operation, management and dissemination of the JODI world database. The JODI Partners agreed to pursue a proposal for a unified country note format for enhanced harmonisation.

Participants discussed various aspects of logistics- and content-related preparations for the next JODI regional training workshop, held in Kuala Lumpur later that month. Azerbaijan was identified as a potential host country of a JODI regional training workshop targeting CIS and MENA countries, to be organised during the first quarter of 2014.
OLADE delivered a briefing on the commitments that were made at the IEF-IEA-OLADE Workshop held at OLADE headquarters in Quito, Ecuador in from 29 April to 1 May 2013. 
The JODI Partners agreed to launch JODI-Gas during the IEF Ministerial meeting in Moscow in May 2014. The IEF agreed to manage the pre-launch process, including the delivery of the JODI-Gas Manual drafted by the UNSD and the organisation and implementation of JODI-Gas regional training workshops in 2014.

It was also agreed partners would step-up ongoing efforts to encourage new countries to join the JODI-Gas initiative ahead of the official launch. In the same vein, the JODI Partners lauded IEF efforts to bring the GECF on-board as a JODI Partner ahead of the launch of JODI-Gas in Moscow.

The GECF participated in the meeting via teleconference and presented a status update on its efforts to establish a data collection system to facilitate their participation in JODI-Gas.

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