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15th Regional JODI Training Workshop for Africa and MENA countries

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11-13 April 2017

Tunis, Tunisia

The 15th Regional JODI Training Workshop for Africa and MENA countries was held in Tunis from 11-13 April 2017. The event, hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Renewable Energy of Tunisia, was organised by the IEF in collaboration with the African Energy Commission (AFREC), and the support of other JODI Partners (GECF, IEA, OPEC, and UNSD).

More than sixty statistical officers in charge of hydrocarbon data collection at national administrations of African and MENA countries took part in the workshop which was designed to raise awareness and build better understanding of the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) and improved data submissions from this key region. Tunisian participants from the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Renewable Energy, the National Institute of Statistics ETAP, and other government agencies, were also joined by a delegation from the United Arab Emirates.

Hands-on training sessions were a key feature of the workshop, and participants took full advantage of the opportunity of the interactive nature of the programme to exchange views on their experience in dealing with energy statistics in general and JODI in particular.

Participants in the JODI workshop also attended the opening session of the 3rd IEF-OFID Symposium on Energy Poverty that was held in parallel with the JODI event. Discussions in the joint session touched upon the value of accurate statistical data to the alleviation of energy poverty, by facilitating improved decision-making, and removing some of the elements of uncertainty that may be hampering investment.   

JODI Partners agreed that they would follow-up on action items and commitments made by countries participating in the workshop to underpin the excellent progress already made, and to ensure that data transparency in this key region continues to improve.

For more information about this and other Joint Organisations Data Initiative events please visit the JODI website.

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