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1st CCS Symposium

27-28 September 2009

Beijing, China

The IEF organised in cooperation with the Global CCS Institute (Australia) a symposium on the "Challenges and the way forward in accelerating CCS development and deployment, in particular in oil and gas producing countries". The National Development Reform Council (NDRC – ERI) of the People's Republic of China hosted the event.

Presentation and speeches

  1. Bo Peng
  2. Adrián S. Barrera Roldán
  3. Heleen de Coninck
  4. Larry Hegan
  5. Lorraine Yin
  6. Peta Ashworth
  7. Song Zheng
  8. Theodore Roosevelt IV
  9. Tim Bertels
  10. Tim Dixon
  11. Tony Wood
  12. Younes Jalali
  13. Zhang Dongxiao