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Sustainability 3

Building Progress for Clean Energy & Sustainability

Maintaining momentum towards clean energy and sustainability is paramount to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a sustainable energy future for all – especially during times of uncertainty. The International Energy Forum (IEF) continues to facilitate dialogue and collaboration with both producer and consumer countries. This includes coping with energy market uncertainties by enhancing market transparency in the interest of global energy security, and by promoting orderly energy transitions that impact policies, investments, projects, and technologies.

Major advances in clean technology, renewables, energy efficiency, and the potential future role of hydrogen hold promise for greater investment and will bolster innovation and accelerate clean energy transitions. Technologies such as Carbon, Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) have the potential to decrease cumulative emissions by almost 30% by 2060. The growth of renewables, improved batteries, solar conversion, electricity storage, electric vehicles, and other emerging technologies are rapidly accelerating clean and sustainable energy transitions.

The COVID-19 pandemic provides countries an opportunity to drive clean energy solutions forward by incorporating sustainable policies, including emissions reductions and sustainable development goals, in economic stimulus packages designed to overcome the crisis. Adapting to this new risk environment will require a commitment towards government policies encouraging renewable investment, innovative financial arrangements between banks and clean energy developers, and supply-chain reforms to ensure access to clean technologies.

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