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2nd CCS Symposium

31 May  - 1 Jun 2010


The International Energy Forum and the Global CCS Institute held a Second Symposium on CCS development and deployment, supported by the government of Algeria, on 31 May - 01 June 2010 in Algeria, with a visit to the In Salah CCS Project.


  1. The Gap Between CCS Cost And Benefit In The Oil/Gas Sector, Fumihiro Ito, JGC Corporation
  2. EOR-CO2 Feasibility issues Economics and business cases, Gilles Munier, Chief Executive Officer
  3. Latest developments in technology, regulatory and financial aspects of CCS, John Gale, General Manager
  4. Carbon Capture and StorageCurrent Perspectives, John Panek, Deputy Director, CSLF Secretariat
  5. CCS Activities in Mexico, José Miguel González Santaló, SENER -IIE
  6. Financing CCS Deployment In Developing Countries, Natalia Kulichenko-Lotz, World Bank
  7. Saudi Arabia's Efforts in Carbon Managment, Dr. Ali A. Al-Meshari, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  8. GDF SUEZ: building an intelligent user's position, R de Lannoy, CCS Program manager, Research & Innovation
  9. Enhancing the public-private partnership to foster the CCS deployment The French example, Didier Bonijoly, BRGM 
  10. Monitoring and Verification of CO2Geological Storage sites, Gabriel Marquette, Schlumberger
  11. CCS Developments: The Road Ahead, Dennis Best, CCS Programme Officer, International Energy Agency
  12. Bridging the Gapbetween Pilots and Commercial Deployment, Giles Dickson, VP Government Relations Europe
  13. Presentation by Jonathan Fuller, Senergy
  14. CCS developments Where to after Copenhagen?, Luc de Marliave TOTAL
  15. Presentation by Mohamed Keddam, Algeria
  16. IRAN Strategies for CCS, Mohsen Saeed, NIOC
  17. CCS Deployment –insights from Shell's activities, issues to be addressed, Tim Bertels, Manager CCS Portfolio, Shell Upstream International

Video Interviews

  1. Claude Mandil, Member of the Global CCS Institute's International Advisory Panel
  2. Noé van Hulst, Secretary General, IEF
  3. Harry Hegan, Global CCS Institute
  4. John Panek, Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Secretariat
  5. Mohamed Keddam, Manager, In Salah Gas, Sonatrach - PART 1
  6. Mohamed Keddam, Manager, In Salah Gas, Sonatrach - PART 2
  7. John Gale, General Manager, IEA GHG R&D Programme
  8. Tim Bertels, Manager CCS Portfolio, Shell International E&P
  9. Giles Dickson, Vice President Government Relations Europe, Alstom power
  10. Nathalia Kulichenko, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
  11. Jonathan Fuller, London Manager, Director Senergy Ltd, Senergy
  12. Jose Miguel Gonzalez Santalo, Director of Division, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
  13. Luc de marliave, Climate Energy Advisor, Total
  14. Iain Wright, CO2 Project Manager, BP

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